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  • 5 Year Subscription
    setup box Subscription Only

    $250 USD

  • 5 Year Subscription
    setup box with Unipro for

    $330 USD

  • 5 Year Subscription
    setup box with MAG540w3 for

    $330 USD

  • 5 Year Subscription
    setup box with MAG544w3 for

    $350 USD

  • Set top box only
    setup box MAG540W3-4K HD Linux

    $120 USD

  • Set top box only
    setup box MAG544w3-4K HD Linux

    $150 USD

  • 3 Years Subscription
    setup box APP Included

    $220 USD

  • 5 Year Subscription
    setup box APP Included

    $330 USD

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