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Punjabi IPTV Channels in USA

Punjabi channels have a high demand in USA and Canada since a number of Punjabi speaking people have migrated from India and other parts of the Indian subcontinent for many decades. They like to watch the Punjabi TV channels of news, movies, sports and religion. Ask us about the channel list, if you want to know what all channels are provided by us.

With respect to sports, we bring live TV coverage of the traditional sports which are held in different parts of Indian Punjab. On the front of religious content, we bring Live Gurubaani from various Gurudwaras and Temple darshan from many temples. These inform about the latest happenings back home, entertains them and also makes them feel culturally associated with their roots.

Tashan has been meeting this requirement of the Punjabi community for many years now. We provide the latest released and the old classic Punjabi movies, providing live Punjabi TV news and a number of other channels related to travel, sports, food and wine, entertainment, religious and spiritual content through our IPTV services.

Some of these channels are also offered in the HD format, thanks to the best set top boxes we use for delivering the content to your TV.

You need to have the subscription of Tashan IPTV for viewing all the Punjabi language content. We have different subscription plans of various time durations for your benefit. Do select the one which you are comfortable with and also avail of the deals and offers given here. These deals work to reduce the effective cost of subscription. Call us for more details or leave us your telephone number and we will get back to you in no time.

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